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Eros Adonis

Top Selling Author & Singer

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Eros Adonis is the latest top selling author from Adoni Publishing, as well as a top selling recording artist.

Love ballads featuring the booming deep voice of Eros Adonis are fast becoming the favorites of females all over the world

Eros Adonis introduced to the female world the sexual phenomena known as OMGASMS.

This is a form of female Orgasm where the female learns to use the ancient OM mantra to bring on OMGASMS that are the most intense orgasms females can experience.

Learn how to have and for men or females how to give their female partners OMGASMS.

Check out the must read HOW TO PICK UP BOOK by Eros Adonis.

Eros Crystals – Love Crystals are sweeping the world they are the magical crystals that women just love to masturbate with.

Check out Eros Crystals

This site features the latest news about the Music and Books of Eros Adonis and Eros Adonis himself.

 Music By Eros Adonis



BOOKS By Eros Adonis



OMGASMS – What Every Woman Wants

Sex Art of Orgasm
Sex Art of Orgasm

SEX – Art of Orgasms


Eros Crystals – Love Crystals


Download How To Pick Up Book


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