Whitney Houston Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown

Whitney Houston Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown

Ancient DEATH LINE connects two tragedies to ROSWELL ALIENS


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What the puppets of this sphere fail to see is the WHY as to WHY Bobbi Kristina Brown the daughter of Whitney Houston was found just like her mother in a tub on a famous DEATH LINE that connects Los Angeles to Atlanta and several other major cities of DEATH and ALIENS on the same line of Latitude where many other famous celebrities have died including the famous death of Marilyn Monroe. This ancient DEATH LINE is connected to the famous UFO event ROSWELL in New Mexico and where Bobbi Kristina Brown found connects to name as well that being ROSWELL Georgia. So we have a direct connection to a major UFO NAME and a line of LATITUDE where so much major LOSS OF LIFE has been taken that it boggles the mind IF YOU MAP IT OUT.

I will elaborate in a bit on just how much MAJOR LOSS OF LIFE DEATH is connected to this line of Latitude but first I must detour for a moment to explain my own brief encounter with the gorgeous Whitney Houston many years ago.

I am known to have given OMGASMS to thousands of females all over the world in person and now that my book¬†OMGASMS has been released, I will go down in history as the man that gave more females their actual greatest orgasms than anyone else in history in history can claim. So let me introduce myself I’m a man of fortune and fame the name is EROS ADONIS.

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Now, I had a very brief encounter with Whitney Houston as she was just starting her fabulous ride of fame in the mid 1980’s era. It was in Caesars Palace I believe, but it was 100% at a Luther concert and since many Casinos had such stars do shows, maybe it was another Casino but it was definitely a Luther convert and Atlantic City in New Jersey. The beautiful Whitney was at the same concert as I sitting in the row in front of me in the VIP section next to her more famous at that time and much older ‘cousin’ who was Dionne Warwick.

Whitney’s face was not ‘known’ to me at that time even though she had just started her fabulous career. I was in the VIP section of the concert and on my arms were two beautiful runway models from New York City who were twins and both around six foot tall. With their hair done high and their heels they looked like Amazon Goddesses and were close to seven feet in height. What a lovely site we made, I was a man in his prime in his middle twenties and my Goddesses were recently turn 21 year olds.

So I and two statuesque gorgeous models walked into the venue and were seated just behind Dionne Warwick and a very young and absolutely beautiful Whitney Houston sat next to her aunt and I had no clue as to who Whitney was and the only impression she made on me was that she was so beautiful and young she would make a lovely addition to the threesome I was involved in at that lovely moment in time.

I most certainly would have winked at Whitney as she turned to see whom was being seated behind her and her very famous cousin and the sight of a PLAYER with two gorgeous Amazon Twin GODDESSES surely got her attention as I do remember her whispering to her cousin after she smiled at me and I had winked at her.

Luther came on to perform eventually and did a magnificent show and in the semi dark of the concert I was playing with the pussies of both models and making out with both of these gorgeous vessels of earthly beauty. Several times Whitney gazed slightly back just enough so she could make eye contact with me and she would look down and see both models playing with my dick to some degree.

The major thing I remember is after the show Whitney made it a point to lean slightly over her chair and hurl the following line at me, “I don’t know who you are, but you are the baddest man I have ever seen,” she smiled and then left with her famous cousin.

A couple of days later I did come to realize who Whitney was as one morning shortly after we had met she was on my television set since she was featured as a guest on some early morning show I was watching that day as I did sometimes in that era.

While I have shared my very thick cock with many female celebrities since the 1970’s or so from the time I was a mere boy in my youth until this present age, as well as thousands of gorgeous females all over the world and quite a few porn stars as well, I unfortunately never had the pleasure of introducing the youthful Whitney to the art of OMGASMS an my fat legendary cock.

While my entire life females have viewed me as a GIFT FROM THE GODS to females due to having a very fat penis and also having the ability to find a G spot and bang it like a drum as well as my special ingredient of the knowledge of OMGASMS which I bought back to earth from the ethereal plane of astral energy so now millions if not billions of females all over the world can be turned on to my brand of orgasms that females can learn about in my book titled OMGASMS.

Besides having a thick penis that magically bangs G Spots of females expertly, I am a writer and musician as well as a poet and of course a very successful technology pioneer since the middle 70’s when I formed my first tech company as a young boy of only 15.¬† I am also the most gifted psychic in the world and have publicly predicted under my well known ‘psychic nom de plume’ which is not Eros Adonis, but another pen name, most historic mass loss of life events since around 1995 via the Internet and my famous ‘Prophecies’.

If you just look at a world map and find the area near Los Angeles which is where Beverly Hills, Brentwood and Hollywood is next to and where both Whitney Houston and Marilyn Monroe as many other celebrities have had tragic drug related deaths including John Belushi, on a map you can easily find the line of LATITUDE that Beverly Hills is located on and you will find how many other affluent cities or towns of Los Angeles are on the 34th line of Latitude as well including Brentwood (OJ Murders and Marilyn suicide) and Hollywood is on the same Latitude as well, and if you travel along that map you can find on the same line of Latitude just north of Atlanta is where ROSWELL Georgia is located where the young daughter of Whitney was found just like her mother face down in a tub and most likely it was drug related as was her mother’s sad event connected to drugs although the official report is not yet in. The recent sad event for Whitney’s daughter may have even just been depression if no drugs were involved since Drugs are not that relevant to this story I am telling to you however the LOCATION of ROSWELL Georgia being on the same LATITUDE as Beverly Hills is a major things since this line of LATITUDE has connected to so many other famous MASS DEATH EVENTS.

This LINE OF DEATH runs through a little known area in New Mexico that is just north of ROSWELL New Mexico the famous UFO HOTSPOT is ROSWELL New Mexico and the name of the town where Bobbi Kristina was found face down in connects directly since she was found in ROSWELL Georgia. What most do not know is the actual Roswell Crash was over 30 miles NORTH of ROSWELL NM so it was almost exactly on the 34th line of latitude and not on the 33rd as so-called experts of Ufology claim. The fact is the actual crash was far closer to the 34th line of latitude and not the 33rd as UFO experts claim.

ROSWELL is also a town in multiple states including the infamous ROSWELL of New Mexico as well as Roswell Georgia where Bobbi Kristina was found face down like her mother in a tub of water and the two sad events were almost exactly 3 years apart. Whitney was found on February 11th 2012 in her tub and Bobbi Kristina was found on January 31st 2015 which is a date with 113 in it since it is recorded as 01/31/2015. Do you see 113 in the date? 01/31 recorded in European dating as 31/01. 113 often appears as I’ve noted in my earlier writings on the Occult and how tragedies often connect to dates with 113 in them over and over.

While many have written upon the Occult connection to the 33rd line of Latitude being the highest degree of knowledge in Free Masonry which is a 33rd Degree Mason, this line of Latitude connects many large cities directly to ROSWELL New Mexico but the actual crash was well north of Roswell almost on the 34th Line. The fact is most so-called Occultists know jack shit about the real Occult and the fact is that the lesser known OCCULT LINE OF DEATH is actually the 34th Line of Latitude which connects the deaths of celebrities in Beverly Hills area directly to the actual ROSWELL CRASH SITE and to the ancient ley lines of both ancient Sumeria or modern Baghdad where the last great war on earth was fought recently in modern Iraq which saw thousands of humans DIE and Hiroshima where mankind entered the age of violent weapons of mass destruction death and had THOUSANDS of humans die and even China’s ancient power city of Xi’an is on the same line of Latitude where many thousands have died recently due to huge quakes in this area in recent times. Xi’an is today well known as the area of the ancient China Pyramids built by the early emperors of China that are said to have been ancient sky gods or ALIENS.

So in the BIG PICTURE, you are reading this story to find out about this INTERESTING FACT that connects the tragedy of both Whitney and her daughter to ROSWELL NM and UFOS and massive deaths on the same line of the Whitney and Bobbi Kristini tragedy. These tragedies are POINTING to the sin of HIROSHIMA and Xi’an and the great quakes in that area and the thousands of dead humans in the most recent Iraq war which made BAGHDAD the focus point.

So I hope you enjoyed my story of how I met a young beautiful Whitney and I hope the LEGEND of my fat penis didn’t make you miss this historic opportunity to learn about OMGASMS.

Whitney witnessed the magnetic power of my legendary fat penis first hand at a Luther concert when she saw two Amazonian GODDESSES completely hypnotized by the power of my penis.

Now you can see firsthand how Whitney and her own daughter have then connected to the THINGS I KNOW that no one else really knows and that his how important the 34th Line of Latitude is to my gift to humanity that being OMGASMS.

So many lives have been lost on this lovely planet via Hiroshima, the quakes of Xi’an and the war over Baghdad and yet you never heard of this LINE OF DEATH nor of my legendary fat penis nor my gift to beautiful females all over the planet that being OMGASMS.

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